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Modular Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Made in India through 100% recycled PP material. Use RAINMAXX Tanks for rain water storage and reuse, recharge ground water level and percolation. Approved by IGBC and Govt. of India.
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Rain Water Harvesting System PAN India Our product RAINMAXX Tanks are made of 100% recycled PP material, honeycomb in structure, can take load capacity upto 40 tonnes. This product helps in water conservation and ground water level recharge.
RAINMAXX® Tank Modules are suited to any subsurface infiltration, retention or detention, rain water harvesting. Manufactured using recycled materials, the Tank Modules are lightweight, engineered design, structural component developed through research & development. It is ideally used for the construction of underground Infiltration, Reuse, Detention Tanks, Bio Swale, Subsurface interception channels.
Benefits of RAINMAXX Modular Rain Water Harvesting Tanks: . Onsite Storm water Management • Environmentally friendly made from selected Recycled Polypropylene. • Recharges Groundwater Table through principle of infiltration. • Mitigation of downstream flooding. • Site space utilization and minimum site disruption. • Economical and Low maintenance system and reduces liability issues. • Modular Structure for design flexibility. • Heavy load carrying capacity. • Supplied in Kit form for ease in transportation. • High void surface ratio for quicker infiltration. • Light weight hence no heavy machinery or skilled labor required
Rainwater harvesting has additional advantages such as lowering of water bills, reducing soil erosion and floods, and helps in irrigation. Growth in population, which has led to quest for alternate fresh water sources and government support in creating awareness regarding water scarcity and promoting rainwater harvesting methods, is expected to boost the rainwater harvesting industry in the near future. Modular rain water harvesting systems helps in saving manpower, stable structure and longevity. Use Made In India, RAINMAXX Tanks to help recharge ground water.
Rain Water Harvesting can reduce a lot of stress on our water supply. Use RAINMAXX Modular Tanks which are optimally designed to collect, filter and store rain water. It also helps in reducing leakage, pre-filtering of collected water and artificial recharge of ground level.
Filter used in any kind of Rain Water Harvesting System is the heart of it. RETAS uses RAINMAXX Modular Tanks and filters which is approved by Indian Green Building Council and GRIHA. Modular Rain Water Harvesting is need of the hour and RETAS is committed to work around providing better and cleaner access to water. #RAINMAXX Modular Tanks #RETAS #Groundwater recarge #IGBC #GRIHA
The tried and tested RAINMAXX modular tanks is designed to provide surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration at a variety of depths. It is ideally suited to deeper applications and can accommodate a wide range of traffic loading, from pedestrianized areas to large parks. The modular cells combine to provide water storage structures to help with localized flood alleviation and surface water management. Each cell has a 97% void ratio and provides a highly efficient water retention, attenuation or infiltration solution.